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Christmas without You

This Christmas you weren’t,

In person, with us here;

But we felt you in lessons learnt,

In hard-to-find Christmas cheer.


We felt your everlasting presence

In the decorations that you loved

And as we opened up the presents

From family remembering you above.


The tears we cried

Were cleansing, in a sense,

But with the year gone by,

We realized how much you’ve missed.


But you spent your Christmas in Heav’n,

Praising at the feet of Christ.

We may have spent it crumbling,

But we thought of your advice:


“Please don’t miss me when I go;

Remember me the way I was.

You gave me flowers here below—

Of a brighter life you were the cause.”


We tried to carry on this year—

In fact, we must’ve done all right.

We won’t pretend we didn’t shed a tear,

But remembering you brought us Christmas light.


Alyssa is an author trying to break into the field, but willing to go where God wants her to with her writing. She writes Young Adult Christian novels in an effort to bring the truth back into the lives of young people in which it is often so severely lacking.

She has overcome 13 brain surgeries, 4 spinal cord surgeries, and countless others since 2009 alone, and battles two organic brain issues, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), Bipolar II, two different anxiety disorders, and more mental illnesses. Her goal is to reach others with the Gospel and what God’s taught her through her ailments.

Alyssa lives in Central Florida with her husband, part-time daughter (a blessing that came with marriage!), and three fur babies.

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