Our Writers

W. R. Harris – Founder, Owner, Publisher

Writer and fitness/athletics coach. Mainly writes about living with OCD and depression as a Christian. He has written six books to date. You can check out his author website here: http://www.wrhwriting.com/


Tracy Dalton

Tracy is a soldier and veteran of the United States Army. Newly married and living in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, she chronicles her journey through her “Chats With God”. Currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Military Resilience and a Master of Divinity, Tracy has a passion for helping others overcome anxiety, depression, and mental health problems. You can learn and read more on her website at http://tracydalton.com/


Shauna Gallagher 

Shauna has a calling on her life and a real desire to reach those whom God places on her path. Her deeply empathetic nature finds her connecting well with people from all walks of life. Having experienced mental health issues in her family adds a further dimension to this, allowing Shauna to relate to the struggles that can arise in these situations.

Working in the mental health field has given Shauna the opportunity to express her love for God and people through the writing of her first book. Combining her career with her faith has drawn her closer to understanding God and how He has so intricately and beautifully designed our bodies.

Through her passion for mental health, Shauna seeks to share the Word of God by combining scientific research and Biblical principles. This not only helps improve mental health, but also helps to draw the person into a closer relationship with God.

Through training as a Registered Nurse, her subsequent move into the mental health field and then studying her Masters in Mental Health Nursing, Shauna’s lifelong passion for helping people has taken her on an exciting journey of discovery.

Shauna enjoys making connections with others through her many roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, mentor and colleague. Now as an author, Shauna enjoys further connections through speaking events and workshops, helping others to understand better mental health and a closer walk with God.

Check out her website and her book: https://christianrelaxation.com/



Alyssa Gamache Brady

Alyssa is an author trying to break into the field, but willing to go where God wants her to with her writing. She writes Young Adult Christian novels in an effort to bring the truth back into the lives of young people in which it is often so severely lacking.

She has overcome 13 brain surgeries, 4 spinal cord surgeries, and countless others since 2009 alone, and battles two organic brain issues, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), Bipolar II, two different anxiety disorders, and more mental illnesses. Her goal is to reach others with the Gospel and what God’s taught her through her ailments.

Alyssa lives in Central Florida with her husband, part-time daughter (a blessing that came with marriage!), and three fur babies.

Check out Alyssa’s blog: http://teacupsandpaperroses.wordpress.com/

And check out her author Facebook page: http://facebook.com/teacupsandpaperroses


Patricia A. Go

My name is Patricia A. Go, and my love of writing started when I was just eight years old, when I remember writing little stories on cut-up pieces of construction paper stapled together.  I have been actively involved with various church ministries for about fifteen years. I have volunteered at a church’s food pantry and health clinic.  I started my blog on December 23, 2015. God’s  Whisperings is a blog that started out as wanting to share with others lessons that I learned about what God had been teaching me through various situations in my life, and quickly became, for me, a catalyst to bring people God’s love, hope, and joy through what I have learned in life.  I work full-time at a job that has nothing to do with writing, but I love it and consider it a ministry.  Also, God uses the situations I find myself in at my day job to teach me lessons, many of which I share in my blog, at http://placeinthisworld224.wordpress.com.


Dr. June Chennault

Dr. June carries and exhibits the fruits of spirits—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). Dr. June knew and accepted God into her life at an early age—being baptized at eleven years old in a Southern Baptist church. Dr. June has always heard the still voice of Jesus and He has guided her throughout her life. Dr. June has had a calling on her life to promote the gospel to bring healing and peace to those that seek his name and the reassurance of the blessings of God. Dr. June is delving deeper into her calling through the AMES International School of Ministry.

Dr. June is a well-regarded, respected educator and writer. Dr. June has held various roles in the field of education over the past decade. These roles include working with Teach for America as a Faculty Advisor and the Educational Testing Agency helping to develop reading assessment test questions for educator assessments.

Dr. June holds a Doctor of Education Degree from Nova Southeastern University in Educational Leadership. Dr. June graduated from Liberty University with a master’s degree in Teaching in the area of History and Social Science education. Dr. June also completed a bachelor’s degree from Kennesaw State University in the area of Social Work.

Dr. June is passionate about topics pertaining to deliverance and helping individuals in dealing with tragic events. Dr. June’s mom was in a coma in the year of 2017 and she remembers laying by her mom’s bedside praying and reading healing scriptures for her to come out of her coma. Her mother survived her illness and woke up from her coma. Dr. June’s faith increased 100,000 times over due to this event and now she can tell the world about God’s favor and grace.

Dr. June grew up in a household in a small, rural town in Georgia that consisted of her mother, father and three brothers. Due to a strong, structured home with her parents and siblings, Dr. June strived to gain a level of toughness and determination. Dr. June’s mother and father displayed to her daily of how hard work pays off and if you love something, pursue it.

For fun, Dr. June loves to swim at the beach, listen to music (especially gospel), exercise, and read biblical texts. Dr. June is an active member at her church, where she works with the women’s group to empower women in all areas of their lives.

Dr. June enjoys making connections with others through her many roles as a daughter, sister and mother, friend, mentor and colleague. Now as an author and an editor for an online Christian magazine, June enjoys reading and reflecting on the writings of those who have the joy and love of God in their hearts.